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Sommerschule für Kirchensänger der Russischen Auslandskirche in Köln

Christ is Risen!

The Liturgical Music School of ROCOR in Europe continues the admission of students for the first year of study!

Hurry up to register while there are still places available. We remind you that you can apply for finacial assistance to the rector of your parish.

Cologne (Germany) from 26 June to 7 July, 2023 Classes will be held in Russian at St. Panteleimon’s church.

Four available programmes to participate in for less than €75 per day:

  1. Core programme for choir conductors/singers from June 26 to July 7;

  2. Training seminar for choir conductors/singers from 1 to 7 July;

  3. Separate programme for church readers from 1 to 7 July;

  4. Separate programme for altar servers from 1 to 4 July.

Food and accommodation are included in the price.

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